Arkadiusz Wójs

PhD, DSc, Eng, PAS, MAE

Rector of Wrocław University
of Science and Technology



Arkadiusz Wójs

PhD, DSc, Eng, PAS, MAE

Rector of Wrocław University of Science and Technology


Ladies and Gentlemen

I would like to express my appreciation for your valuable contributions to our collaborative efforts at the University.

Your dedication, whether through group initiatives or individual endeavors, has made the past four years remarkably fruitful for Wrocław Tech.

In our initial stages, we confronted significant challenges, but today, we find ourselves in a vastly improved position across all domains. 

From extinguishing fires and rectifying principles to navigating the challenges of the pandemic, we can now confidently contemplate the future.

The trials we faced have provided invaluable lessons, fortifying the University against potential crises. The knowledge and skills acquired during this period have instilled a sense of security, enabling us to confront upcoming challenges. 

The University’s development is gaining momentum, turning what once seemed like a dream four years ago into a tangible and realistic plan.

The agility displayed by our University, transforming it from a potential sluggish entity into a nimble and agile giant, is truly remarkable.

At Wroclaw Tech, we are cultivating something unique in the country—familiar from experiences in the best scientific centres, such as pursuing PhDs, internships, or attending conferences centres. 

With momentum, we are constructing a modern European technical university, founded on community-oriented values, interdisciplinary synergy, institutional collaboration, and interpersonal interactions.

Despite challenges and ambitions, our community radiates kindness and shared joy in the successes of individual groups and members. 

As an institution and community, we are evolving to recognize and appreciate each other more. It is gratifying to witness students acknowledging teaching staff, researchers praising administrative personnel, and various instances of genuine fondness for the University.

The commitment and involvement of many in shaping not only the University but also its expanding environment reflect our shared responsibility and yield positive outcomes.

Polytechnica Nova has contributed valuable ideas for innovation. Students and professors collaborate on research with global implications. Business leaders advise through the University Council. Young architects design the new campus for our vibrant student scientific community.

Wroclaw Tech remains friendly and open, fostering inclusivity internally through initiatives like the Equality Team and Accessibility Leaders, while externally collaborating with the city, region, and economic leaders.

Exciting milestones, such as our first ERC grant, the highest scientific categories, membership in Unite!, record levels of student activity, a more engaged and open community, nation’s largest faculty of computer science and first medical program at a technical university, showcase our progress.

Anticipating the future, we are eager to embark on new endeavors and build upon existing accomplishments.


As I present the program for my second rectoral term, I wish to underscore two key points: our accomplishments this term stem from a combination of a visionary approach and collaboration; it is imperative not to halt our progress when confronted with substantial challenges and opportunities ahead.

Four years ago, I pledged to set aside my academic career to fully dedicate myself to the University, aiming to elevate it to new heights in collaboration with you.

I have exceeded my initial expectations, but I am confident that our collective aspiration for further development in science, innovation, human relations, organization, and work culture persists.

I assure you that my enthusiasm remains undiminished, now coupled with increased experience.

Having gained deeper insights into the diverse organism that is the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, understanding the challenges faced by individual groups, and recognizing the vast potential within our community, I am ready to persist in working tirelessly for the University, ensuring continued success.

Recognizing the need for constant support and development across all spheres, I take full responsibility in declaring my willingness to extend my mission as rector.

My vision is for each of you to approach work with pleasure, study with curiosity, and engage in research with joy. I aspire for all of us to take pride in Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, ensuring that your time here is valuable and adds meaning to your lives.

I warmly invite you to peruse the program and join hands in continuing our collaborative efforts to make all these aspirations a reality.

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